Essential Therapies

A full-service physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic specializing in manual therapy, JFB myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, massage, wellness & exercise, woman’s health treatment and stress management.

Cindy Hodgson

Expert MFR Practitioner, Physical Therapy – MS, PT, PhD

Cindy is an extensively trained and successful JFBMFR therapist with advanced degrees in exercise physiology, physical therapy and biomechanics. She initially became intrigued by the power of myofascial release during her student internship – a simple cross hand technique on a patient eliminated months of unabated chest pain.

After her own physical restrictions had been beneficially treated by these methods, she went on to successfully treat thousands of patients with diverse diseases employing these techniques. With expertise in women’s health, TMJ, abdominal adhesions, headaches, and postural dysfunction, she is competent in bringing relief from head to toe.

Holistic wellness has been part of her life for over 24 years, including having had her own clinic dedicated to these principles. She enjoys teaching what she has learned, and continues to explore the implications for health and happiness to be gained from myofascial release, fitness, nutrition, and yoga. She looks forward to assisting you in advancing your goal toward a pain free and healthy life.

Monica Charlick

Registered Dietitian

Becoming a registered dietitian was a goal set very early in Monica’s high school career because of her own personal experiences with food, fitness and health. The pressure to fit in with society’s standards of beautiful and fit in Monica’s teen years led her to explore what real health and beauty outside of social norms meant. Monica’s firsthand experience feeds her passion of helping others to achieve their goals whether it is weight loss, attaining more energy, working on emotional relationships with food, food nutrition education, meal planning, healthy eating habits and more! Her holistic approach paired with years of personal experience can help you transform to your best self.

Dianne Nonnenmacher

After a career in management in the auto industry and a family history of osteoarthritis Dianne found herself struggling through pain with movement and difficulty walking. She even depended on a cane for a short time for stability before her first hip replacement. Dianne found that daily exercise and yoga were essential to her ability to function with minimal pain. Now, after two hip replacements, she has found a passion for teaching exercise and yoga to others to improve function and manage pain.

Lori Miller

AFFA Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer since 2009

BeachBody Coach

Lori started as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer in 2009 and is AFFA certified as well as a BeachBody coach. She has experience with all ages and fitness levels, with an emphasis on strength and conditioning for young athletes.Lori’s philosophy is that every client is a unique individual so she will approach your programming in the same manner. She will motivate you and support you throughout the process.

Lori combines resistance and cardio training to improve muscle tone, overall body composition, and weight management. You will see increased flexibility along with an improved overall mindset.
“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!”

Enoch Moore

Licensed Massage Therapist

Enoch’s passion for helping others through John F Barnes Myofascial Release (JFB MFR) stems from his own experience with pain. An injury in his youth led to severe sciatic pain and the need for a walking stick just to get around the house. After recovery, with the aid of MFR, Enoch chose to leave his work in construction to change to a rewarding career in massage, specializing in JFB MFR. Both his wide work experience and personal issues with pain allow him a unique perspective, and empathy for those who cross his path.

Tiffany Moore

Essential Therapies’ Raindrop Technique Specialist

Tiffany is Essential Therapies’ Raindrop Technique Specialist. Growing up receiving natural remedies and then taking the task on herself has given her 30 years of hands-on exposure and experience. She has extensive knowledge of Young Living’s Essential Oils that she includes as part of her natural remedies regimen. Specific training in essential oil chemistry has deepened Tiffany’s understanding of why and how oils work to enhance your life, overall wellness, and emotional well-being.

Gain and experience a deeper understanding of the benefits of essential oils, book your Raindrop Technique today with Tiffany!

Essential Therapies, LLC is self-pay services only. Insurance payments are NOT accepted.

Ann Zug

Certified Athletic Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist

Ann is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in therapeutic exercise and massage. We met years ago (I won’t mention how many) when Ann was training for her first Boston Marathon! Practicing an active lifestyle is Ann’s passion along with helping others prevent injuries, manage pain, and reach fitness goals.

Ann will be providing therapeutic massage and private therapeutic exercise sessions to meet your needs.