Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I fill out my forms before I come?

A: Yes! You can find the required forms here.

Q: Why is Myofascial Release different than other treatments I have had?

A: Fascia is the connective structural tissue/network interweaving every single cell of the body. It affects muscles, bones, nerves, vessels, internal organs, and skin. This net-like structure provides a communication network within, between and around everything in the body. Everything is connected. When the fascia becomes restricted, essential communication information for the health of the entire system is impeded. This necessitates a holistic approach. So, when the therapist uses myofascial release (MFR) to free up the restriction, she is compelled to look to areas of the body other than where the restrictive pain/discomfort is manifesting. MFR releases the restrictions. For example, the chronic pain you feel in your hip may be coming from somewhere else in your body where the connective tissue is “stuck” and not moving freely.

By using the John F Barnes Myofascial Release Approach we can gently and effectively restore freedom down to the cellular level. JFB MFR uses specific techniques and principles to gently take up the slack of the fascia and holding at that barrier for at least 5 minutes. A true myofascial release is obtained effectively changing the collagen structure to allow freedom of movement and restoration of fluidity all the way down to the cellular level.

When surgery is used as an attempt to rid pain resulting from a myofascial restriction, the invasive procedure causes adhesions (scar tissue) thereby increasing restriction and further compromising mobility and/or increasing pain. So, not only is the initial restriction still present, adhesions are exacerbating the symptoms.

This is why JFB MFR is an excellent alternative.  Nearly everyone has some degree of myofascial restriction, which left unaddressed, will compromise the integrity of the person and the quality of life. I encourage you to consider an experienced JFB MFR therapist when traditional “medicinal” approaches are unappealing, ineffective, and/or unsustainable.

Q: How do I know if I have a Myofascial Restriction?

A: We all have myofascial tightness here and there which often resolves with normal movement. It changes throughout the day depending on what we are doing with our bodies.

However, when this “tightness” becomes more severe pulling the body’s skeletal system and organs out of alignment, alters function, or produces pain, we call it myofascial restriction. Myofascial restriction will not loosen on its own with normal, daily movement. Sometimes specific stretches or a self-treatment plan using MFR principles may remove the restriction. Other times it will require the therapeutic help of skilled hands to feel where the restrictions are and to release them.

The good news is that MFR is extremely effective at providing lasting relief by addressing the underlying problem. Myofascial restrictions and their painful manifestations are not visible on x-ray, MRI, or CT. See additional information here.

Q: What should I expect for my first appointment?

A: The therapist will review and discuss your Health History Form (2020 Health History PDF) and your needs for therapy. Your current pain level, past injuries, accidents, surgeries and traumas throughout your life are clues to your fascial restrictions. As a therapeutic goal, it is helpful to establish what activities you would like to be able to perform but are presently unable to do. The therapist will look at your body in standing position to see myofascial restrictions, and then feel for tensions throughout the body both standing and lying down. MFR is performed directly on the skin by the hands of the therapist, usually on a massage table. Occasionally, to gain best access to the restrictions, treatment is given while seated or on the floor in gentle stretching positions. You will be given self-treatment techniques to continue at home.

Q: What should I wear during treatment?

A: The therapist is looking at the tensions throughout the body and works directly on the skin. Therefore, wearing undergarments or loose fitting exercise shorts is ideal for both comfort and ease of working on the body. Modest draping with a full size sheet is provided. Women are encouraged to take bras off for treatment as they are often difficult to work around; loose tank tops can be worn if additional covering is preferred. Your comfort is our priority.

Q: Why do I need to drink extra water before and after treatments?

A: MFR releases toxins as restrictions are diminished. Drinking extra water ensures that such toxins are flushed out of the system. It also replenishes the fascia that was unable to receive hydration and nutrients when restrictions existed.

Q: Does myofascial release hurt?

A: During an MFR treatment you may feel a melting sensation with pressure. It may also feel like smooth, deep stretches. In areas of great tightness you may feel a small amount of “burn” or discomfort, but you should not feel pain. The patient is encouraged to be an active part of the treatment and communicate unacceptable discomfort to the therapist so pressure can be adjusted. Sometimes the sensation is described as “hurts good”, which is acceptable if relaxation is possible during the discomfort. The tissues of the body must feel “safe” to “let go” and release. If too much pain is present, this is not possible.

Q: What forms of payment does Essential Therapies accept?

A: Check, cash, and credit card are acceptable forms of payment. Essential Therapies Gift Certificates are also accepted with no expiration date.

Q: How long should I expect my session to last?

A: You may schedule the following sessions: 60 min, 90 min, or 2 hours. It is recommended that your first session be at least 90 min.

Q: How much does a treatment session cost?

Treatment Session with Cindy

30 min is—$75
45 min is—$110
60 min is—$150
75 min is—$188
90 min is—$225

Raindrop Technique with Tiffany

This specialized essential oil treatment is explained fully here.

1 hour is—$75

*Essential Therapies, LLC is self-pay services only. Insurance payments are NOT accepted.

Please feel free to request an invoice for use with your Health Savings Account if applicable.