Foam Roller Stretch


  • Stretches should be comfortable enough to hold for longer periods.

  • Feet Wide Apart for Stability.

The Foam Roller Stretch is an excellent posture correction. Align your spine and pelvis. These long holds lend a self myofascial release throughout the chest, neck, and back.

With knees bent and feet wide apart:

  • Position self on foam roller so that tailbone and neck are supported.
  • Head should remain in good posture alignment. Place neck in neutral position to avoid head being tilted back or forward. Head should NOT be tilted back so that chin is pointed upward to the ceiling nor tucked to chest. If needed, place a folded towel one to three inches thick under head.
  • Lay arms out from your side for a great stretch and added stability. Try both palms up and palms down for a different release.

To come out of stretch:

  • Roll off to one side avoiding any type of sit up movement.

Tips & Modifications:

  • Hold stretch as long as you comfortably can with a goal of 5 to 15 minutes or longer.
  • If foam roller is too hard at first, add a towel or blanket to soften.
  • In the beginning, place pillows or blankets under arms if their is too much stretch across shoulders and chest.