• Stretches should be comfortable enough to hold for longer periods.

  • Knees are not bent in straight leg positions.

  • Strap is firmly around ball of foot for best stretch.

Place strap around ball of foot. Leg straight, toes bent back toward head, reaching heel away from body & sitting bone down towards floor.

Lift the the leg up keeping knee straight and walking hands up the strap to a comfortable position. There should not be pain, only mild discomfort and pulling sensations. Avoid jerking motion.

Opposite leg knee bent or straight.

Keeping knees straight and heel reaching away from the body, slowly lower leg toward the floor. Avoid allowing opposite side of buttock to lift off the floor.

Bend knee into chest and slightly to the side toward armpit. Grasp foot, ankle or strap and straighten knee just enough to point bottom of foot toward ceiling. Bottom of foot should be facing ceiling. Hand is helping to bring knee down toward the floor to deepen stretch.

Half happy baby – variations with opposite knee bent or straight with arm & leg lengthener.

Full happy baby – lengthen spine along the floor from neck to tailbone pressing sacrum/tailbone into the floor.

Full body twist – knee straight or bent.

Pelvis lifting off the floor, head turned opposite, palm down & reaching away from body.

*Move gently into this position to avoid pain or strain.

Hip Flexor Stretch- Keeping strap around ball of foot, bring knee toward buttock,  then place strap over shoulder and place hand on the floor as an anchor.

* Thigh should stay parallel to floor. Do not over-bend the knee.

(Front View)

Do not over bend knee.

Press hip into floor.


Do not over bend knee.

May also lie prone if unable to lie sidelying.