Video Guided Self Care

Arm and Leg Lengtheners

Legs up the Wall

Hip Strap Stretches

Foam Roller for better Posture

Upper Trap/Shoulder Release with Yoga Strap

Small Ball Self Treatment

Know Your Core!

(Watch before Core Basics)

Core Strength Basics

View after Watching “Know Your Core”

Ball Video One

Get on the Ball! Join me for….strengthening your core!

This 10 minute video introduces beginning core exercise on the physioball! Enjoy!

Ball Video Two

You should feel very comfortable on the ball before attempting these exercises! It’s good to do it next to the sofa or a wall – someplace where you can hang on and be safe!

Legs up the wall using the strap for extra support and deepening your self-treatment experience!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!