“I am able to enjoy a greater variety of food”

“In the fall of 2013, I began having intense stomach tightness and trouble keeping my food down.   The local GI doctor had told me I had IBS but no matter what he suggested I do, I kept having nausea and losing weight.

By January 2014, I had lost over 30 pounds which was a concern as I went from weighing 105+ pounds to 72-3 pounds.  My primary doctor referred me to the Mayo Clinic to try and find other answers.   Through lower GI tract tests, it was found that I had radiation enteritis with strictures and chronic bowel obstructions that had built up to the point which made it difficult for food to pass through my lower intestinal tract.  This was the reason given for not being to keep my food down and having such intense stomach pains.

The GI doctor at the Mayo Clinic sent me to a surgeon who could do the surgery required to help remove the scar tissue.  Thankfully, the surgeon discussed the serious risks of such surgery.  In my case, he said that he would need to remove so much of the intestinal tract  that other problems such leakage, needing a feeding bag and eventually have more scarring would most likely occur and that my lifestyle would probably not be better.   Thus, the surgeon suggested that I try sticking to a very low fiber liquid and processed food diet to see if I could absorb nutrition, gain weight and live with this kind of diet before considering any surgery.

I did this and began being able to keep what little I ate down but this very bland diet was difficult to want to continue.  Luckily, my primary doctor was able to connect me with one of her patients who had a similar problem and felt that the myofascial therapy she was getting was making a big difference.

In June of 2014, I began seeing Cindy Hodgson who was trained by and uses the J. F. Barnes method of Myofascial Release Therapy.   Within a few months, I was able to add a little more to my diet so donated the rest of the bland baby food I had in my food closest.  Cindy is an excellent therapist who looks at me as a whole person and not just the one problem.  She has helped me understand the need for and type of exercises to gain muscle strength and balance as well as how to do self-ball therapy to loosen the scar tissue along my intestinal tract.

It has now been almost 15 months since beginning myofascial therapy with Cindy.  Although I still have to be very careful, I am enjoying a greater variety of foods with a little more fiber.  I believe that with continued myofascial therapy, my health and ability to eat will continue to improve my quality of life.”