Class descriptions of previous and ongoing classes:

MFR Self Care- Learn to Focus on YOU! Having a hard time getting in your self-care time? Treat yourself to this myofascial release self-treatment class. Learn relaxing stretches to take care of YOU or if you already know them it’s a great way to schedule that much-needed time. No experience needed! $20 drop in fee. Space limited to 4 people. Cindy provides hands-on techniques throughout the class.

iTovi Scans- Want to know which essential oils would help your body and don’t know where to start? An iTovi scan is a biometric reading of your body. Biometrics is used in many health monitors like Fitbit. It guides you to specific products to benefit your overall health and wellbeing.

Fee-$15 for adults, $8 for kids or 2 kids for $15

Essential Oil 101 Basics- Great class for those interested in essential oils and wants to learn more. Learn what they are, the differences in quality of oils, proper safety, and uses for 11 different oils. Ask questions try some oils and get great tips on how to improve your health through essential oils.

Essential Oils and More- Want more essential oil info? This class takes your knowledge to the next level. Don’t worry if you missed the Basics class, you can begin learning here. We will introduce a few new oils and learn more to keep your bodies healthy with natural products.

Toxin Free Home-When we think of getting healthy, we tend to focus on diet and exercise. The toxins in our homes also affect our health. Learn about healthy natural products you can use or make yourself to help reduce family’s exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Myofascial Release Yoga- This class provides and introduction to the myofascial system and includes beginning techniques to release restrictions for pain relief and improved mobility. We will be shedding light on what creates the tightness throughout your body and understanding what’s holding you back. Fee-$40

Myofascial Self-Treatment with Props– Learn ways to free your restricted myofascial system with props including foam rollers, balls, straps, etc. *Warning These simple and effective techniques are addictive!* Previous participation in the Myofascial Release Yoga workshop is strongly recommended. Fee– $40

Myofascial Release Basics –A hands-on Experience- Learn some basic myofascial release techniques to share with others and deepen your own understanding and self-awareness. Once you experience the feeling of a myofascial release you may feel drawn to share it with your family, partner, or friends. This hands-on workshop will teach you ways to help others experience the benefits of MFR. Couples are encourage but not required. Fee-$60

Holiday Essential Oils– This class focused on using your holiday essential oils. Learn how you can benefit and how to get the most use from your oils. No experience needed.

Fee- Donations Accepted