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Rest & Relax Hemp Extract

Maintain Daily Immune Health


Crafted with a potent blend of balancing hemp cannabinoids and 18 naturally protective botanicals, SHIELD helps maintain daily immune health & effectively strengthens your body's ultimate line of defense when you're feeling imbalanced.


Stimulating total-body wellness, FOCUS delivers a broad spectrum of seven active terpenes and multiple phytocannabinoids, spotlighted by the therapeutic benefits of CBG (Cannabigerol). Using a proprietary Sonicated Nano-Technology™ delivery system, each drop of FOCUS is formulated for rapid absorption that promotes fast-acting, long-lasting therapeutic benefits for the mind & body.


Morning, day, or night, CALM is a natural solution for reclaiming the rest and relaxation your mind and body depends on to thrive. By day, this enhanced hemp & herbal extract activates relaxation responses and balances tranquility. By night, CALM promotes natural sleep patterns and optimal sleep-wake cycles. Turn down your mind’s noise and relax your body, without the sedation

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Nitric Oxide Booster + Hemp


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Experience an immediate warm and comforting sensation upon contact. Brimming with 1,000mg of organically sourced cannabinoids and a bevy of botanical extracts, Body Therapy by PrimeMyBody eases aches, strains, and tension on-the-spot.

CORE fuels the body with a dynamic blend of nutrients that increase critical nitric oxide production. Charged with elevated nitric oxide levels, you can perform better, feel younger, recover faster & enjoy a lifestyle of greater natural energy.

The relaxing properties of CORE’s organic CBD maximize nitric oxide production and improve blood flow. Endocannabinoid stimulation activates internal balance, resulting in the minimization of stress and cardiovascular restriction. These benefits create superior conditions for increased production of nitric oxide and help optimize the flow of nutrient and oxygen-rich blood throughout your body and to your organs.

Adding CORE Nitric Oxide Booster + Hemp to your daily routine helps to energize the body's ability to perform harder, faster and for longer durations. CORE is 100% stimulant-free and only provides clean, natural energy.